Welcome to The Kin Campaign!

I’m trying out this online resource since this is an online campaign. I keep loosing my information so this might actually help. I guess we’ll see.

There is a wiki for specific information here. You can find information on when people are generally free on sheet 1 and information on time preferences, character info and experience of sheet 2 I would appreciate if you filled these out. Where I’m using “appreciate” as I often will throughout this campaign, which means do so or you wont be playing.

We might be doing maps and stuff using roll20. Haven’t successfully used the sight before but if it works than AWESOME, but if not we’ll figure something else out. I think I need to invite everyone personally but here is what might be a link: Roll20 Campaign

Right now we are set to play on Fridays and Sundays. Please tell me when you are going to play.