• Aeshi


    Happy go-lucky girl who believes elves don't exist, and the key to longevity is lack of worry.
  • Arreal Mehrmann

    Arreal Mehrmann

    Wandering Bard. Generally a nice guy. Not so nice he makes you feel bad about yourself though. Nails it. Actual character sheet is on google docs.
  • Eriaanor


    An Elven Bard who loves to explore, Eriaanor left home years ago to learn as much as possible about all of the lands. He has since become a Bard, to retell the fantastic tales he hears from across the lands
  • Meali'i


    A tough-as-nails privateer with plenty of luck, grit and daring. Or at least that's what she'll tell you.
  • Roger


    The scarred face and one eye of this half orc are shocking, but nearly as much as his warm conversational patter.
  • The Penitent

    The Penitent

    A pilgrim seemingly without a past, seeking redemption for some unknown sin.